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How Got Our Start

Gay and Daryl Youngman have been married for almost 45 years. They have been interested in vintage sewing machines since the 1990s when they began conducting programs on the history of sewing machines for quilt guilds and various historical and cultural groups.  For decades, sewing machines have been a part of our family life and have contributed significantly to our culture.

Recent years have seen a dramatic resurgence in the use of vintage sewing machines.  Modern tools and techniques for sewing and quilting have been developed.  A new generation of sewists and quilters have embraced vintage machines, which perform especially well with these modern tools.  These developments and the need for instruction, repair and sales of vintage sewing machines, tools and accessories influenced the development of Just Sew Vintage in 2018.

Gay Youngman began her journey in Quilting in the 1980’s.  She founded the Scholarly Stitchers quilt group at Kansas State University and led that group for over a decade.  Her interest in vintage sewing machines began in the mid 1990’s when she acquired her first Featherweight. She conducts instructional workshops using vintage machines; often utilizing modern tools and techniques.

Daryl Youngman employs his background in industrial engineering to repair and refurbish vintage machines.  He applies his university research skills to investigate and document their history and their contributions to our communities for museums and other historical and cultural entities.

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